The Real Girl

On Zeenia:
R:E012, R002, R007 and B015
L: E029 and P003

On Zoya:
R: E006

L: E003 and P002

On Avantika:
R: E032, P004, R003 and R014
L: E011 and B015

On Sakshi:
R: E002 and B007
L: E014, R007 and R016

On Juhi:
R: E032 and P005
L: E025 and B013

On Disha:
R: R006, R008, B005 and P001
L: E022 and B018

On Krisha:
R: E015, R001 and B011
L: E028 and B010

On Zahabia:
R: E009 and B019
L: E020 and B019

On Kavya:
R: E008, P010, B005 and B012
L: E030, R008 and P011